i’m not going to either of my classes today because i’m pretty sick and i think i need a full, uninterrupted day of rest if i want to be healthy by sunday

but i feel like garbage about it because i’ve missed so much class lately. on the bright side, i’m seeing a psychiatrist today, so maybe i’ll get something for my depression and anxiety and then i won’t have to miss class so much! or maybe he’ll tell me it’s all in my head and i should suck it up and quit being such a nasty piece of trash who knows


Colored over this coloring book page of Elsa for some digital painting practice! c:


I always like Elsa in this costume, she looks like a prince.

Got into a little argument with family. Not that i can’t cry when i’m upset. It’s just that a guy should not cry and be strong. So this is what i do instead everytime, scribbling tears. haha

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Arabia’s most adorable daddy!