Well since tomorrow I’m getting most of my hair chopped off and it’s my last day with my long hair, I did the only rational thing there is to do today…


Drew up an Elsaficent! :D Left the wings out because I figure in some AU Hans would rip off her wings and Elsa would go on some rampage freezing everything in sight, haha.



I guess I didn’t know how much I wanted this…

Me neither, haha-! They look great, especially Anna.

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I can’t finish her right now because I have to work on something else, but I think she’s looking all right. Her hair needs more… poof, though. Yes, more poof *nods*


"Art of Aurora" week - Thanks! 

It’s been fun to share the "Art of Aurora" collection with you this week, It was a lot of fun to work on. And, since i’m closing the chapter on it (for now), I thought i’d do a quick little color sketch to say thanks for following along. One in pink, and one in blue. Naturally. ;)


Doodling Ariel again! :p #sketch #TheLittleMermaid #drawing #Disney #art #ariartna (en www.facebook.com/ariartna)


ten min doodle of the superior hawkeye