i’m going to class

but first…

Anonymous asked: How did you loose your job?

i was a seasonal cast member and they didn’t have the space or the money to keep everyone

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Belle by JennaleeAuclair

repeat after me everyone: respecting the basic human dignity of oppressed people is more important than having a philosophical discussion about how anger is supposedly the same thing as hatred and how much better the world would be if we were all just nice to each other!!!!!!

because “don’t fight hate with hate” only means so much when you shout it in the faces of the oppressed, but barely whisper it in the direction of the oppressors

i absolutely will not hesitate to cut you completely out of my life if i perceive you as a threat to my happiness and mental health. i do not have room in my life anymore for people who prioritize their feelings and the feelings of the privileged and the oppressors over my right to feel safe in a society that makes it damn near impossible. do not underestimate me. i will remove you from my life, without hesitation, without second guessing, and without regret.