Anonymous asked: It's a bit weird having Hercules/Ariel crossover since they're cousins..

have you considered the fact that disney’s hercules and disney’s the little mermaid exist in two completely different universes and that just because king triton bears resemblance to poseidon, god of the sea, does not mean that he is actually poseidon, god of the sea

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Another crossover from my favorite couple Hercules and Ariel.  


Snow White

Copic Markers on Canson Paper


I tried to draw Megara from Hercules since as a kid, I used to think that she was the most beautiful princess. I think I kinda failed in represent her though.

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under the sea,by VPdessin


I had a request in my Etsy shop for  larger version of one of my hand-cut silhouettes. Since I designed the silhouettes to be clear and visible in very small pendant necklaces, I thought that it might look too plain for an 8x10ish silhouette, so I wanted to try adding some more detail, and here’s the result.

I’m actually pretty happy with this; I think I’d like to start a series! The silhouette outline was cut with scissors; the interior stained glass detail was done with an X-acto knife.