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dude once you are in the Indiana Jones line, there is no way out. You are trapped in there until the ride is done. There’s no cell reception in there or anything. You just travel deep inside of this long cavern. Getting back in is a nightmare..

nah son i just went on that ride today, there’s definitely a way out, the exit passes through most of the queue, and if you’re in the part where the exit doesn’t pass through, it wouldn’t take long to just walk back through the line

Anonymous asked: We were actually waiting in the ride building when it happened.

i guess that makes it harder but you still could have gone out and then gone back in through the exit if you told a cm, they are usually pretty accommodating, i find that most cms don’t really want you to pee on the ground but i suppose the past is in the past let it go ally

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it’s dvd quality but good enough lol

good enough for now. a billion times better than the cam versions. should i tag you in my gifs or are you not posting frozen?

i got 3 links almost immediately wow god bless you guys thank you i am sorry i called you fuckers it’s a term of endearment i promise

Anonymous asked: Becuase my mom didn't want to lose our places in line at the time.

if you were in middle school, wouldn’t you have been old enough to just run over there by yourself and then meet her back in line?


Disney Parks trash can shaped salt & pepper shakers coming to the parks! #disney #disneyworld #wdw

andrew are you shitting yourself

alright you fuckers there are 28,237 of you i know one of you has a link to the hq frozen leak, give me the goods

Anonymous asked: Totally random, but since you like teen wolf, what did you think of the premiere last night?

i actually haven’t watched it yet but i’ll probably have watched it by tomorrow night if you want to ask me again later!

Anonymous asked: What do you find attractive in other people?

idk it depends on the person. i don’t really have a “type”

Anonymous asked: Back in middle school, when we went to Disneyland for the first time, we were standing in line at Indiana Jones. I had to pee really, REALLY bad so my mom just told me to go, and I did--right in the line. The Cast Member was very understanding, and even asked if I wanted a towel to sit on during the ride, which I did.

that’s nice of the cm but… why didn’t you just walk out of line and go to the bathroom really quickly? lol there’s one right between adventureland and frontierland