vaterlangebeine asked: Who is your favorite disney sidekick?


Anonymous asked: Can we see your pretty face now? It's been so long!

Anonymous asked: Are there any Direct-to-Video Disney Sequels that you hate? If so, can you name some?

not really, i haven’t seen most of them and the ones that i have seen i actually liked

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Anonymous asked: You should do one of those "rate a fetish" things where we send you a fetish & you give us a score of something like "no" or "love it" & so on. Does that sound fun?

i don’t really have a lot of experience with fetishes because as we all know, i’m a virgin but if you really want to know how i feel about a certain fetish or kink you can ask me and i’ll tell you how i think i’d feel about it

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Anonymous asked: Who is your favorite Disney Princess?

snow white

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Anonymous asked: Alright then, fair enough. Do you prefer rough toilet paper on your anus, or soft toilet paper on your anus? By the way, can I say that you probably have a very lovely anus!

i don’t think you understand, i do not have any toilet paper preferences i will use whatever is laying around i don’t really notice how it feels on my butthole

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Anonymous asked: What was your favorite song from Frozen?

the first time in forever reprise

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Anonymous asked: Do you think it would be cool if Disney adapted the famous Chinese myth Chi Li Slays the Serpent?

i’ve never heard of that myth, but i’m always in favor of stories from non-european cultures being adapted as long as it’s done right

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Anonymous asked: What is your favorite brand of toilet paper?

i don’t pay attention to toilet paper brands

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Anonymous asked: What is your favorite pizza topping (if any)?

i’m the annoying person that always wants to get mushrooms on the pizza even though everyone else hates mushrooms and i’m literally the only person who likes them i need a whole mushroom pizza to myself

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