Anonymous asked: Just letting you know, I was going to follow you and decided not to because of your recent posts. Having a personal blog is great, but don't label it as a fanart page then. Your blog is a personal page that happens to post fanart sometimes and I think it's labeled incorrectly. Love your opinions, but not why I looked up your blog.

My blog is literally labelled as a personal blog. Like it’s in my description. The title of my blog does not dictate the content. Move on. You honestly think I care that you’re not following me? Go whine to someone else about it

Anonymous asked: Okay, although I pride you for sticking up for your personal beliefs, scientifically there are 2 genders. People can identify as whatever they so choose, but there are 2 genders and 2 sets of sex organs that scientifically identify those 2 genders. Men can want to dress and act feminine, women can do the same thing but in a masculine sense, but according to science, they were born a certain gender. How people choose to portray themselves is their choice and with free right, but they're one of 2.

Scientifically, there are two (or three, depending on how you factor intersex into it) biological sexes. Gender, however, is a social construct based very little on science and more on social conventions and expectations. There are more than two genders, and even when it comes to biological sex, the “female vs male” system isn’t perfect - the physical markers used to determine which one is which don’t always fall neatly into either category. Educate the fuck out of yourself before you come to me again, because what you’re spewing right now is such blatant ignorance, I’m not sure which hole you’re speaking out of.




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