Anonymous asked: Are you single?


Anonymous asked: Do you have any advice for someone that wants to come out as a lesbian to her family of people who are mostly vaguely accepting, but just doesn't know how to say it without making it awkward and shocking ?

i don’t know. i never purposely came out to my family, it just kind of happened. but when you let yourself get worked up about it, there’s no scenario you’ll be able to come up with where it won’t sound awkward and shocking. so i say, pick the least awkward and shocking way you can think of and just… out with it. or you could do the casual conversational mention like “hey so i met this girl and i’m thinking of asking her on a date” like it ain’t no thing

because that’s my plan with my dad lol. just wait until i’m dating someone who’s not a guy and be like “sooooo dad my girlfriend is coming over today what are you making for dinner”

Anonymous asked: Do fantasies of your perfect wedding and honeymoon ever occupy your thoughts? If so, what are some aspects you MUST have in your ideal wedding?

yesssssssssssss i think about my future wedding all the time but nothing is set in stone, i don’t have anything that must be in my ideal wedding because my imagined ideal wedding is always changing.

Anonymous asked: Not sure if you've seen Frozen yet, but I'll ask anyway, which version of Let It Go do you prefer? I listened to Demi's for the first time (haha, I kinda punned) when I bought the soundtrack yesterday and ended up being really glad I didn't listen to it before I had the chance to put Idina's on repeat. :|

idina’s. i actually think demi’s version is awful.

Anonymous asked: Are you out to your parents?

i’m out to my mom. i never told my dad and i told my mom not to tell my dad but… lbr she probably did.


it’s tmi tuesday yaaaaayyy

Anonymous asked: to the anon who asked about tim burton's alice in wonderland: did anyone notice they totally changed the story? they turned it into a typical teenager-on-a-quest movie and it just wasn't entertaining because it was so generic. the original will always be better

ummmm tim burton’s alice in wonderland is not a remake or an adaptation of the books, it’s a sequel. burton did not change anything, he created an entirely new addition to the story based on the events that had already occurred. like you’re welcome to think it was generic and not entertaining (i for one like that it’s about a badass teenage alice) but pls do not accuse them of something they did not do.


Rapunzel by Snufflin

Anonymous asked: My Women's Studies prof is confusing me because she said that just because a woman will fantasize about having sex with women or even sex with men and women that she isn't straight. I would think a woman would at least be bisexual. I'm currently confused even more about my own sexuality now though. Thoughts? I don't even know what I am other than I favor men over women, but could see myself with both, and always thought I was straight. Bi who could end up polyamorous maybe...:/

you could be hetero leaning bisexual heteroromantic. heterosexual biromantic. hetero leaning bisexual biromantic. but like i’ve said a dozen times, you sexuality is not for anyone but you to decide. i don’t get to decide and neither does your dumbass women’s studies professor. someone can be straight and still fantasize about their own gender. someone can be homosexual and still fantasize about other genders. your women’s studies professor does not get to dictate how anyone of any sexual orientation is allowed to think and behave.

Anonymous asked: Okay not an TMI but I'm very curious to know, how do you feel about Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland?

it’s ok. i’ve never been a huge fan of tim burton’s live action films. i think his style is better suited to animation. the only one i really absolutely love is sweeney todd and even then, when i watch that movie, i’m like “this would look better if it was animated”. but alice in wonderland is ok. i think the special effects are kinda cheesy looking at times.