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but the bro advice confuses me because what if they are actually bros with you? and just wanna be bros?

i was thinking the same thing and like i don’t want to be his bro, i want him to go down on me for so long that i get beard burn on the inside of my thighs

wait sorry it’s not tmi tuesday

attention attention calling all straight boys

how can i tell if a straight boy is interested in me

i’ve started ranking each inhale on a scale of 1-10, every time i have to take a deep breath i’m either like “omg that one was so good” or “wow i might as well just not breathe at all”

Anonymous asked: It did help because I was going through a personally and academically stressful semester and so it usually was prefaced with some trigger. I didn't really understand at the time that it was anxiety triggering the breathing issues, but after I saw someone and they suggested I was having anxiety issues, after an attack I was able to sort of trace my way back through the wormhole, but it wasn't until I got on medication, that I was able to stop before the breathing problem became an issue.

interesting! well, thank you, anon! i will keep everyone updated on my progress

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Anonymous asked: source your reblogs

My reblogs come directly from the source what are you talking about

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