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Anonymous asked: a week ago it was discovered that a science teacher in the 8th grade at my old school was gay and even though he was praised as one of the best teachers in the school, a day after the news got out he was fired by the new principal at that school who is clearly extremely homophobic and even worse, the principal didn't even deny that he fired the teacher because he was gay, just sort of avoided the question and I'm disgusted and sorry for the run-on sentence

that’s horrifying and that principal should not be allowed to work at any educational facility

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wassaflocka-deactivated20140501 asked: Dude frozen isn't the only Disney movie. I was gonna follow til I seen that your last 6445780842 posts were about frozen.


Sorry you don’t like the amount of frozen i’ve been posting! 
disneyyandmore posts a lot of variety if thats what you’re looking for ;)

you are too nice, i would have ripped this person a new one if they came to me with this bullshit

if you don’t want to be called homophobic, don’t do homophobic things

you’d think that this would go without saying, but it seems to be a difficult concept for straight people to grasp