Anonymous asked: when's your next trip to disneyland?

i don’t know. my next planned trip is dapper day, but i’m sure i’ll end up going some time before that.

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Shanti for snarkies’ Disney Ladies Collab!

-Alyssa Tallent


Frozen by Westling

Elsa gazing up at a snowflake-crystal star in the sky — ever a Yuletide symbol.

O Star of wonder, star of night
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us to thy Perfect Light

Merry Christmas to all.

(My own extended review of Frozen appears [here].)

Anonymous asked: I wonder if there are any people who follow you who have never been to any of the disney parks, and I wonder if they get confused when they hear you talk about stuff there like dole whip. Like "What the fuck is dole whip?"

when have i ever talked about dole whip i don’t even like dole whip

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We used to be be best buddies. 
And now we’re not.
I wish you would tell me why.

(Check out my dA for a rant on why I did not find Frozen a happy movie, but a more beautiful one despite it.)


So I finally gave in and bought a commission from the lovely theartofknightjj and it’s everything I’ve wanted. 

I’ve been following her Place of Princes comic and after seeing her Christmas PoP, I just had to have a commission. 

They’re so adorable! I love it so much!!

Thank you so much Janine!