Did anyone else see Elsa on the red carpet?

"Who are you wearing?"


Congrats to all the wonderful artists and writers that worked on Frozen for their Oscar won tonight! I am so happy!


"Like so many things, it is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts" — Aladdin

This is the 6th in my Shadows & Light series!
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snarkies created an awesome Disney Ladies collaboration! I was happy to do Wendy Darling! 


oooooohhh miss helga

i can’t actually even remember what she looks like im a disgrace

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Merida done with watercolor! Well I’m going to start a new series of Disney girls. Hope you like it. And most of all I hope to not look like a clown, right now!  

A long time I have not worked with watercolors. And just today I grabbed brushes and watercolors so …

However, I will ask whether you want to continue?


YES, SENPAI KNOWS!! Elsa so belongs to this school. Not that Slytherin in Hogwarts is bad, but, I prefer this A LOT more. 


Moana by NynjaKat
Photoshop doodle of my concept of Moana c: Excited, as I always am for new Disney movies to come out!



"Hang in there, Joan…zzz"

Anna being Anna <3

Elsa snuck out of her room from time to time. At night, when she was sure everyone was asleep. She missed Anna so much…