I just got back from Citadel’s Christmas tree lighting. Do you think I look merry enough? DOES IT FEEL LIKE CHRISTMAS YET?! BECAUSE IT FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS TO ME.

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  2. iheartslb said: too cute! and CHRISTMAAAASSS TIMMMMEEE! lol.
  3. the-miss-of-two-worlds said: you’re pretty. and i like your bed spread, no creeping here, i jsut like the pattern/colors
  4. phytotelmata said: kindly STAHP with your fACe it’S tOo bEaUTifuL FOr mOrTaLs tO BeAR
  5. onestophappiness said: SO PRETTY
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  7. kirby-hime said: You look like a modern Disney princess. <3
  8. radiolectra said: You’re really pretty.
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