Anonymous asked: What do you think is the most overrated Disney movie?

I mean I’m tempted to say Cars just because I thought that movie was so bad that even if only one person likes it, it’s fucking overrated.

But let’s go with Alice in Wonderland instead.

  1. disneyyandmore said: Do you still like Alice in Wonderland tho? Haha, just curious because sometimes things are overrated but people still like them lol.
  2. wordsaremymagic1414 said: Just out of curiosity, why are you not much of a Cars fan?
  3. phytotelmata said: mainly how alice is always related/edited to drug posts on here and yes i see that you smoked weed and watched this movie i get it i understand let’s move on now
  4. infinityandbeelanka said: by alice in wonderland, the original circa 1951? Or that one with Johnny Depp?
  5. storybookcorlee said: Agree about Cars, jesus thank you. Cool in theory but not in execution.
  6. button-up-sherman said: I never cared for that one; I was always such a fan of the underrated Disney movels and their much unloved sequels.
  7. hayleythehatter said: i first read this as “underrated” and i was like wtf they’ve been asking this for days
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