I found these sketches lying around and I wanted to share them here!

Flynn Ryder is my dream man lol

I also have a doodle of Elsa from Frozen..should I post it? 


Mickey and the Magical Map Quartet

Inspired by this segment from Mickey and the Magical Map stage show at Disneyland.

I wanted to make their outfits a little more like the background dancers in the show, though it would be easier to tell if you could see their legs, since all the girls are in short, multi-layers skirts and leggings, and Flynn would have the iconic pants of the guys.


I wanted to draw Hans and Eugene together, and decided to try coloring it in a certain palette and I really like how it turned out!


I have a really strong urge to start shipping these two…


tangled by fukamatsu


*アナ雪まとめ③* by ANO on pixiv